Best Invoicing and Billing Software for Small Businesses

paperless invoicing

Zoho Invoice is free cloud-based invoicing software that boasts such features as customizable templates and support for multiple languages. Zoho Invoice also goes beyond merely invoicing, allowing you to create estimates, track time and expenses, manage contacts, and create and manage projects, all for free. These small business invoicing software options are feature-rich, easy to use, mobile-friendly, and affordable for small businesses. Let’s delve into the introduction of electronic invoicing solutions and explore the compelling benefits of embracing a paperless invoicing system. The best invoicing software for your small business depends on what type of company you own, whether you provide products or services, your budget and which features you need. For example, project-based businesses may need more granular invoicing details, like billable hours by task or person, than retail businesses.

How can I send my customers an invoice?

Snap and upload photos of billable expense receipts with the mobile app. Integrates with a dozen payment gateways including Stripe, PayPal, Square and more. Integrates with more than a dozen payment gateways including Stripe, PayPal, Square and Apple Pay. 250+ small-business products reviewed and rated by our team of experts.

paperless invoicing

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This program’s invoicing feature allows you to create invoice templates in only a few minutes. Plus, it also lets you track online payments, set reminders, add an invoice due date, charge late fees, and quickly switch between currencies. You can also track the current status of each of your invoices, update information, and follow up with clients, with ease.

paperless invoicing

NerdWallet’s picks for best free invoicing software

Square’s interface is extremely simple, making it easy (and affordable) to take invoice payments with Square. The best invoicing software should be feature-rich, easy to use, mobile-friendly, and affordable. While there are dozens of invoicing software apps out there, many are poorly developed, lack key features, have sketchy security, or just don’t give you the best bang for your buck. Here are the bet small business invoicing software options that are actually worth your time and hard-earned money. Regularly monitor the performance of your paperless invoicing system.

paperless invoicing

Highlight the efficiency, speed, and environmental advantages that can improve client relationships. Leverage the automation capabilities of your invoicing software to set up reminders for due payments. This helps minimize delays and ensures that your clients are promptly reminded of upcoming or overdue invoices. Clearly outline the steps from creating invoices to approving and processing payments.

Software integrations

Plus, software like Invoice Simple lets you save repeat customers’ information for later. Overall, autopay can be a good option for recurring paperless billing or bills with static payments (payments that don’t change each month). It started in the late 1990s when the “electronic bill presentment and payment” method was a way for businesses to save money. While it was a thing before covid, it gained momentum during the pandemic when more people started to rely on digital communication and services.

  • To access student account information, Third-Party users must first activate their own Workday account, also referred to as a Proxy Account.
  • While this feature is available in both the free and paid plans, cashing invoices early does come with an added fee (typically around 3% of the transaction amount).
  • Based on this analysis, you can develop tailored outreach programs and offer incentives that align with each customer’s individual needs and preferences.
  • For example, some utilities still send you paper bills and would refuse to send you electronic invoices.
  • Merchant Maverick’s ratings are editorial in nature, and are not aggregated from user reviews.
  • Harvest also offers basic expense tracking as well as project management options that allow you to assign projects, set budgets, and track time and expenses.
  • Send digital invoices and estimates, accept payments, send reminders, and track which invoices are paid and unpaid from anywhere.
  • Start with the options in this post and compare pricing, features, and other factors to find software that works for your business.
  • Approving manually created invoices is another major task, but when it comes to paperless invoicing, the invoice approval workflow is smoother and better.
  • For customers with unique needs and specific requirements, the custom adoption approach is key.

For customers with unique needs and specific requirements, the custom adoption approach is key. It involves analyzing customer requests and determining how to accommodate them. However, this approach necessitates a multi-faceted communication campaign to effectively drive adoption.

paperless invoicing

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